ODORNAUT™ : Space Station Odor Removal Technology

Inspired by technology from NASA, ODORNAUT™ uses a combination of UV Photocatalysis and Air Ventilation techniques to naturally eliminate foul odors and airborne micro-organisms. This approach is also currently used on the International Space Station. And now it's available on Earth to you!

ToiléVu™ : The Toilet Vacuum for Smelly Odors

Using a combination of three odor elimination systems: Water Filtration, Catalysis and Ozone (O3); ToileVu™ is the most advanced product on the market for naturally eliminating #2 odors immediately when they are created. Odors never make it out of the toilet bowl.

FART BREAKER™ : Stop Smelling Farts!

FART BREAKER™ not only eliminates 95% of nasty fart odors blown by humans, dogs (or any fart-blowing creature) - it exhausts a fresh scent.