[1] Water Filtration Deodorization

When the ToiléVu™ vacuum fan is activated a negative pressure is created and the foul smelling air in the toilet bowl is sucked up through the porcelain channels located along the inner perimeter of the bowl which are also used to dispense water during flushing.

The water soluble gases of uric acid, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, etc. are drawn up through the tank's vent overflow pipe through the tank's water which provides for the ideal, high-humidity environment for molecular dissolution and oxidation.

[2] Catalyst Deodorization

This system creates an accelerated chemical reaction called catalysis which causes the O2 and H2O in the air to produce hydroxyl radicals which are highly susceptible to oxidation. The oxidation process decomposes the odorous gas molecules producing non-odorous CO2 and H2O.

[3] Ozone Deodorization

Finally, the ozone generator sterilizes all molecular by-products and FRESH AIR is expelled from the vacuum fan inside the tank. Actually, the only slightly reminiscent odor is that of a fresh, natural rainfall. NO artificial fragrances are used.

How's that for AMAZING!


Your First Odor-Free & Microbial-Free Bathroom Experience


ToiléVu™ not only removes foul odors, it vacuums up the airborne micro-organisms (fungi and bacteria) found in the toilet bowl. These nasty microbes otherwise fill the air to reach our tooth brushes, bathroom surfaces and our mouths and noses! ToiléVu™ does not cover up or mask these odorous molecules, it naturally ELIMINATES them !!