Fits Almost ALL Toilet Types


2 Piece Toilet vs. 1 Piece Toilet

ToiléVu™ is now available for both 2 Piece and 1 piece toilets. A 2 piece toilet means the tank can be separated from the bowl. The 1 piece toilet installation is very easy and recommended as a self-install.

Side Lever & Front Lever

ToiléVu™ supports both Side Lever and Front Lever 2 Piece Toilets (which are the vast majority of flusher styles in the U.S.).

Tank Top Flush Button

ToiléVu™ is now also available for toilets with a push button flusher on top of the tank.

Before & After Pics of Tank



Before ToiléVu™ is installed, the inside of your toilet tank should look something like this.



After ToiléVu™ is installed, it will look something like this.

Installation Overview

Rechargeable Battery On Back


Shown nicely hidden on the back of the toilet tank is the rechargeable lithium battery which is easily dismounted for charging (charge lasts 2-3 weeks in a 3 person home).

NOTE: the AC adapter, used for charging the lithium battery, may also be used to plug ToiléVu™ directly into an electrical outlet allowing you to avoid the need for re-charging the battery every couple of weeks.

Tank Float Valves


You Are Probably Good To Go

However, some very old toilets still use a Float Ball Valve. If your current toilet has an older Float Ball Valve, you will need to replace it with the newer Float Cup Valve or request that the contracted plumbing company do this for you for an additional charge.