Independent ODORNAUT™ Deodorization Tests

34% Reduction in 1000L (35 Cubic Ft). Container



Independent tests conducted by SGS. These are very potent odors resistant to many commercially available stain/odor fighters. Despite that, five ODORNAUT™ units proved to be effective in a 35 Cubic Ft. container, with a reduction in odor concentration by 34% within an hour per SGS reports. However, ODORNAUT™ is intended to be used in much smaller containers, around 2 cubic ft. (50L), such as a cat litter box, trash can, baby diaper hamper, sports bag, etc. Since it is now proven to be effective, even within a 35 cubic ft. (1000L) container, we can conclude that one unit is proven to be extremely effective within these smaller spaces and remove at least 50% of odor.

Well, our noses tell us how effective ODORNAUT™ is - but here is scientific proof!