The Westlake | Bay Village Observer - August 15, 2017

Westlake company is first to bring toilet technology to U.S. as exclusive U.S. distributor

There seems to be something in the human condition that makes people blush at the mere thought of a smelly bathroom. Especially when guests are visiting! A Westlake company is making it their business to solve that problem, with technology that has been used throughout Europe and Asia for 15 years.

OdorTech Distributing LLC is bringing humor and help, with its “Smell ya never!” service mark and “Pepé Le Poo” mascot, as the first U.S. distributor of a toilet odor removal technology. The product, labeled “ToiléVu: The Toilet Vacuum for Smelly Odors,” is installed inside the tank of an existing toilet.


ToiléVu is scientifically proven to immediately (and naturally) eliminate up to 93 percent of foul #2 odors and up to 82 percent of airborne bacteria and micro-organisms associated with going No. 2.

When the ToiléVu vacuum fan is activated, negative pressure is created and the foul smelling air in the toilet bowl is sucked up through the porcelain channels located along the inner perimeter of the bowl (which are also used to dispense water during flushing).


These odorous gases are sucked up through a combination of three deodorization systems which are installed inside the toilet tank. The systems work in concert utilizing a combination of water filtration, catalysis (which is an accelerated chemical reaction process) and molecular ozone sterilization. There are no fragrances added. 

The price tag of $299.99 plus tax includes delivery and installation of the product by Semper Fi Plumbing of Sheffield or Campbell Plumbing of Eastlake. OdorTech offers a 30-day money back guarantee along with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty plus a three year extended, limited warranty from OdorTech.  Go to to learn more.