Above are the basic steps for a 2 piece toilet installation of ToiléVu™. The 1 piece toilet installation of ToiléVu™ is very easy and we recommend it as a self-install. With 1 piece toilets, the tank and bowl are one piece. With the 1 piece toilet installation you simply unscrew the existing flush valve and then screw in the ToiléVu™ flush valve. To view a picture of a 2 piece toilet vs. a 1 piece toilet Click Here.


Each unit comes with detailed, hardcopy Installation Instructions and Owner Instructions. Once installed, the only on-going maintenance is to re-charge the lithium battery mounted on the back or side of your toilet tank every 2-3 weeks (unless you are powering directly from an electrical outlet which eliminates the lithium battery), replacing the 2 AAA batteries in the remote control once per year.

If you lose your hardcopy instructions, or you would simply like to have electronic versions, customers may also download PDFs of these documents. Upon purchasing, you will be provided a password to open and print the PDFs listed below.

If you are considering installing the product yourself and would like to review the detailed Installation Instructions, please submit your name and email to us via our Contact Page to request that a non-password protected PDF be emailed to you.