About the size and weight of a tennis ball.


Inspired by technology developed by NASA, this innovative product uses UV Photocatalysis and Air Ventilation to banish bad smells. It’s an odor remover that works without nasty chemicals and harmful by-products, which may cause allergic reactions. The device requires no maintenance and with the built-in magnet (and Mag Dot accessory if needed) ODORNAUT™ can be easily installed to metal or non-metal surfaces within seconds. And using only 3W of power per hour, it costs less than 50 cents monthly to run (even when using 24/7). It is a true energy saving, green technology device with proven efficiency. 

ODORNAUT™ was specificaly designed as a light weight, easily mountable, no maintenance device to naturally remove foul odors and airborne micro-organisms in small, contained areas (approx. 2 cubic ft.).




Cat Litter Box

It's the ToiléVu™ for cats! Instantly transform your stinky cat litter box into a fresh, ventilated space for your cat to do their business. ODORNAUT™ has been compared to several other cat odor control methods including carbon/charcoal filter, baking soda, chemical scented litter, evaporating air fresher and powder air fresher. While these products are effective to some extent, none of them uses the same state-of-the-art technology to control air pollution hazards to the environment and personal health. This product is designed with a built-in motor fan that actively vents in nasty cat waste odor (a unique feature that is missing in all other cat odor control products).


Garbage Cans & Baby Diaper Hampers

No matter what you have discarded, let ODORNAUT™ naturally decompose those odors to make your garbage can or baby diaper hamper much more tolerable.


Sports Bags - Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Gym

We all know how badly sports bags can start to smell. Using ODORNAUT™, with it's portable Power Bank, simply toss it in your sports bag, zip it up to automatically activate ODORNAUT™ and let it go to work! The Power Bank will provide over 18 hours of continuous operation* and it has two USB ports so you can run ODORNAUT™ while re-charging a cell phone or running other USB compatible devices. Also, the Power Bank is equipped with a flash light to help find items in those dark sports bags!

* ODORNAUT™ run time will be decreased if also using the Power Bank for other devices.



What is the life time of ODORNAUT™?

We selected materials used in the construction of ODORNAUT™ that have a minimum of 10,000 hours of life by design. The product also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Full, One Year Manufacturer Warranty against any material or workmanship faults.

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Deodorization Claims Scientifically Proven via Independent Study

ODORNAUT™ has been scientifically proven to naturally remove more than 50% of foul odors within small containers approximately 2 cubic ft in area. This makes the odors in items such as cat litter boxes, garbage cans, baby diaper hampers and sports bags much more tolerable!

Deodorization Test Results

Safety Claims Scientifically Proven via Independent Study

ODORNAUT™ is a pet and human friendly product. It is a chemical-free cat litter odor air purifier that uses green technology to deodorize nasty odor molecules. It produces only natural gases that are safe for you, your pets, and the environment. The product has also passed Photobiological Safety Testing (IEC62471), which tested UV lighting reaction with animal eyes. ODORNAUT™ is classified as a no hazard “exempt class” product. It is safe for you and your pets. In addition, since the product is designed to work in a dark space (inside an enclosed container or storage space), the build-in light sensor turns off the product when you open the lid or door of the container, further reducing the risk of mishandling by small children.

Safety Test Results