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Are you a Home Builder, Bathroom Remodeler, Plumbing or Plumbing Supply Company?

We offer a very attractive, escalated pricing schedule. Resellers are responsible for their own sales and marketing efforts and for installation & support of ToiléVu™.

NOTE: Custom ToiléVu™ marketing literature with your company logo and contact information is also available.

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After submitting your information, we will email you the following:

  1. Reseller Referral Code (for purchasing 1 eval unit)
  2. Reseller Pricing
  3. Installation Instructions
  4. Owner Instructions

We can also be reached at 216.339.0773 or

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We LOVE Word-of-Mouth! If you think ToiléVu™ is as remarkable as we do, and you refer a new customer to us, we'd like to show our appreciation!

After signing up you will receive a Personal Referral Code via Email

When you refer a customer, ask them to enter this code when purchasing. We will track the purchases associated with your Personal Referral Code and issue an electronic check to you via email twice a month! The amount of each check will be equal to $20 X the sum of all purchases made using your personal referral code (i.e. $20 per referral). Checks are issued at the beginning and middle of each month. All you do is print the check out and take it to your bank! 

OdorTech Distributing

Referral Program Requirements

You must have actually used the product and posted a Testimonial in order to participate.