Sharon Dane - Rocky River, OH

Let me begin by saying, I detest artificial air fresheners. Those chemical accelerant laden, air-choking sprays should be banned! The “natural” alternatives are expensive and only mask a portion of offending odors. Oh, and the sprays which attempt to coat the water in the toilet bowl are expensive, have to be held at an awkward angle and splatter on the seat! Not to mention, they don’t address any odor above the waterline!! Seriously, who wants to spend time spraying a toilet bowl before you need to use it?! Not me! Enter ToileVu! What a smart, civilized invention!! We recently had it installed in our guest bathroom. The install was easy (we used Semper Phi Plumbing, but my husband could have done it) and the product is AWESOME! It’s easy to use, super quiet and subsequently, we have NOT been able to detect any evil odors! Trust me, my husband has enjoyed testing it, the product works! :) Don’t know why the USA is just now getting ToileVu, but better late than never! THANK YOU!!

Melissa Martinsen - Avon, OH

OMG!! This is the best thing to happen since indoor plumbing. I had this installed in our half bath off the kitchen where my two teenage boys frequent. Now the only smell that makes anyone cry is my cooking. Thank you for providing this wonderful product. I wish ToileVu was installed on every toilet. Great product! Works perfectly!

Ralph Daugstrup - Rocky River, OH

I recently purchased the self-install product option of ToileVu because I wanted to use my own plumber. It was his first time installing the product but he had no problem at all. I'm 82 years old, retired, and use the bathroom quite often! I am a little surprised but very pleased with how well it actually works. And I love that there are no parts that need replacing. I can't wait to have my buddies over to use it! I told them to hold it (if they can) and hurry over. :D

John Hill - Rocky River, OH

I am so thrilled that ToileVu came into our lives. We have a typical older home with only a small 1/2 bath on the first floor with no exhaust fan. As you can imagine with a family of four and many friends, that bathroom gets a lot of use. Now with ToileVu, we are never afraid to go into that bathroom. We can open the door with a smile on our face knowing we will not encounter that horrible smell. We are now considering adding ToileVu to other toilets in the house. Thank you ToileVu.

Sean Esson - North Olmsted, OH

I have a guest bathroom located in the hall between my living room and bedrooms. Whenever someone used that bathroom, I would have to hold my breath as I walked past until the area had time to air out. I installed ToileVu in the guest bathroom a few weeks ago. Now, I can’t even tell whether someone used that bathroom regardless if someone was just in there! It’s pretty remarkable that it eliminates all that odor as well as it does. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a remote controlled toilet flush!?

Lori Inks - Rocky River, OH

Our family has been struck with the flu virus which started on Christmas day and ended with this past weekend. Needless to say, ToiléVu got a lot of activity! We love the ease and odorless function of ToiléVu. Your plumber was very efficient and knowledgeable about ToiléVu and had it installed within an hour. Looking forward to showing it off to our family and guests soon! Thank you again for this opportunity to be able to have our own ToiléVu.


Chuck Venneri - Sheffield, OH

My 15 year old daughter should be the one writing this because this product has eliminated her biggest daily annoyance, i.e. me after using the bathroom! I can’t believe it has taken this long for a technology like this to finally become available in the U.S. Thank you OdorTech! 

Brendan Skelly - Avon Lake, OH

The ToileVu is amazing! I don’t know how I ever got along without it. I have been all over the world and I have never seen a product that works this well. I have a wife, two children and a mother-in-law with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Our 1st floor bathroom is always in use and thanks to this product it is now always hospitable and fresh. I can’t thank the folks at OdorTech enough for introducing me to this product. 

Dianne Morgan - Westlake, OH

I love the ToiléVu™! It works just as described!!! It’s a really great product!

Sid Solomon - Rocky River, OH

I’d like to thank OdorTech for both a fantastic product and equally professional service. I really appreciate the follow up and genuine concern on your part that made this process so easy for us. We are going to have you do the rest of our house and highly recommended your company. Thanks Again! 


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