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Tom Klemens - Fairview Park, OH

I have to say that I was skeptical of Odornaut when I first heard about it. It just seemed like a gimmick…or too good to be true. But then I tried it, and I have to say that both my wife and I have been pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. We’re no longer bowled over by unpleasant aromas coming from the “kitty room”. We’ve definitely noticed a difference using Odornaut! Plus it’s simple to connect and easy to set up. I think it’s a great item to have for any pet owner 

Meghan Craig - Medina, OH

ODORNAUT is working great! My husband is not complaining every day about the cat box! It’s amazing. I’ve tried every cat litter, clean the box every day and still he insisted he could smell it (also it’s in the basement). That is why I ordered your device. Works amazingly! I am truly happy with how great your product works!!! 

Jayla Gibbons - Lakewood, OH

It really is like having a piece of the International Space Station in your home! This product has substantially reduced the smell of our cat litter box. Thank you!

Kevin Rosenbaum - Rocky River, OH

My wife had spilled a bottle of Goo Gone underneath our kitchen sink. Despite cleaning it as best we could there was still a constant odor. After placing ODORNAUT underneath the sink the smell was significantly reduced. Nice product.

Melissa Martinsen - Westlake, OH

We recently purchased a french bulldog and have been pad training him. We discard the soiled pads of pee and poo in a plastic grocery bag into a garbage can in our garage. As the garbage can begins to fill-up, opening the lid is enough to knock you out! Since installing Odornaut the smell has been reduced a great deal.


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